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Police incident map?


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Well, we may be losing 10% of our front line police force, but the good news is - that the Home Office have provided a web site crime map, so you can check how your area is doing. Unfortunately, due to high demand, it's just crashed! Now aside from helping when house hunting (to see which areas to avoid), just exactly how will this information assist in reducing crime? :?

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A similar related topic re wasting time:- The Gov has received a report on "knife crime" from Brooke Kinsella, who's brother was knifed to death - she's calling for "early intervention" and kids being "taught" about knife crime at schools. What is it with these simpletons? It's not the weapon, but the attitude behind it that's the problem. Gary Newlove wasn't killed with a knife, he was kicked to death; but if knives had been available to these idiots, it would have been knives; if guns had been available guns. :roll:

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Bulls**t actually - the theory is. that those who have a PC, will check the figures for their area, and put electoral pressure on the new Police Commissioners who will be replacing the Police Authorities. Now, if more resources are put into a high crime area (cos residents have been articulate enough to influence policing policy), won't this mean that the criminals will switch their attention to lower crime areas - so we finish up chasing our tail, in the ansence of sufficient deployed police officers. :roll:

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I'm wondering if I am looking at the wrong one :?


The one I went on yesterday is the same one that has been up an running for a long time which I have used in the past so there's nothing 'new' there.


Can someone post a link to the new one :oops:

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Thanks.... I was looking at the old one :oops:


To be honest I found the new website really good and very interesting although the link to 'neighbourhood' will not work when I click it.


It was certainly an eyeopener and while I initially thought there weren't many incidents round here I then realised that the figures shown were ONLY for DECEMBER :shock:


I couldn't find a link to how many crimes were committed in other months or in total for a particular area but I've not looked too hard.


Rather surprised to see how many different incidents there have actually been round here in just one month and also the number of incidents in/near to roads where other members of my family live.


Most small crimes are never reported though so I wonder how high the figures would really be if people bothered to report.


Surely if the government make cuts to front line police and add to that the number of other people who are without work, struggling for money, or just turn to petty crime etc for other reasons etc then crime rates are sure to rise even further :cry:


So like I say good website and it's nice to be able to see what's going on in our areas.

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