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Forest for Sale

Geoffrey Settle

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The Forestry Commission owns 18 per cent of the woodland in England and was formed in 1919 mainly to provide trees for industry.


The government is proposing to sell off land owned the Forestry Commission in an attempt to raise around ?470 million.


They have pledged to sell 15 per cent of its land by 2015, and wants to sell the other 85 per cent, depending on the public consultation.


It said: ?Robust measures will remain to preserve the public and environmental benefits of woods and forests, under any new ownership arrangements.


?Tree felling is controlled through the licensing system managed by the Forestry Commission and any proposal for development will continue to be subject to the planning regime.?


Is this pulp fiction or a licence to print money?

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Leave him alone, he's trying! :lol: The sell off, or rather "lease off", will be, no doubt, to the highest bidder. SO, presumably that will be mainly logging companies. Why would a private buyer want to buy, IF he has to allow public access? As for the idea of community groups, friends of the forest or charities taking them on; with hundreds of volunteers from the "big society", giving up there spare time for nowt - not sure that's a runner? :roll: SO, even less reason "to fight for OUR Country", cos we'll own even less of it! :wink:

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The thing with leases though is that they can be overturned or bits amended at a later date if both parties agree. So they may get leased off and certain clauses will be put there's nothing to say that they wont be changed in the future.


Did I just say the same thing twice then, I can't make my mind up :oops::lol:


Personally I don't think they should be sold/leased to a private organisation.


What if they are turned into centre parks holiday type areas .... Oooh Is Delamere Forest on the list :shock::D:oops:

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Nice one. The Woodland Trust do a great work in and around Warrington, there are at least two on my doorstep which are great places to vist.


I spend my time trying protecting places like Radley Plantation form mindless idiots idiots riding on motor bikes, ripping gates off their hinges to gain access, lighting fires, throw gates etc etc.


I don't want to see another bunch destroying more of our heritage. :oops:

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Why please clarify?


As Chair of Warrington Nature Conservation Forum I see it as a key role to protect my environment. As such I do not understand what you are saying.


I am merely pointing out that it was a little surreal to see a Warrington Borough Councillor complaining about "another bunch destroying more of our heritage" when the council themselves have been responsible for destroying so much of the towns heritage.....


buildings are as much a part of the countries heritage as a bunch of trees and yet this town seems to have no concept of that

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