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I have been thinking, and believe me it does not happen too often, the 'new' camera club formed by PJ on Flickr, will it detract from this 'Photos of Warrington' section in that we shall be uploading images directly on to Flikr and thus bypassing the PofW section and depriving other members of the forum who are not members of WWWCC from seeing and having the opportunity to comment on the photos, it may also have the effect of discouraging them from uploading their photos, just a thought and would be more than happy to be proven wrong.

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I know what you mean Algy but they are two different things.


I still post pics on here that I think other posters 'may' find interesting or fun but I've put a some others on the camera club page too so I don't bore everyone to death on here with all my pics :oops::lol:


PJ is still posting some of his on here too ie of the car show and trees lined path up at westbrook etc (which others will be interested in too)


I recon we should still put photos on here as we have always done but then share them AND others we have taken on the camera club site too :D


After all who else on the forum wants to see a picture of other half's feet as he dives into the sea or of my tea in a bucket etc... the camera club bods have no choice though :lol::lol::wink:

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Algy your point is a fair one and something I thought about too. I think the main difference is that we can post anything we want at all on the Flickr group but the forum is mainly for local images. There is nothing stopping us posing the same image to both as I do already. I don't think its had an adverse effect on the traffic here since it started and I think its fun. JimmyMac doesnt post images in the forum but has begun to use the Flickr site so theres an extra bonus especially if we can convince him to put some of his stuff on here.

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You're definatly a member Gary as I l clicked on your member name and looked at loads of your photos the day PJ welcomed you aboard :D Far too many footy ones though :lol::wink:


You should add some of your favourites from your Flickr photostream to the Warr WW Camerclub page though so people 'see' you on the WWCC photo page (not all of them though :shock: ) :wink: then they can click on your name and see all your others too :D

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