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Would you like a picture hosting on the forum?

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it is easy - even Dizzy can manage it :lol::wink:


ha ha ha :P:lol::lol: I don't do it that way though.... but I will next time :D:wink:



PS your new picture is starting to freak me out... it's like you are secretly watching me and taking photo's :shock::lol::lol:

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Help! I've tried uploading an avatar pic from my computer but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? I have checked the size.

Email it to me and i will see if I can find out what you are doing wrong


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Thanks for the offer Gary I have sent three examples for you. It used to be easy in the old forum format but I just can't seem to manage updating my picture profile anymore.


Go to your profile and use the upload avatar from your computer button - it has to be less than 80x80 pixels - it is easy - even Dizzy can manage it :lol::wink:



The only method I seem to be able to use is by uploading the required avatar photo to Photobucket (register first it's free)

1. Register with Photobucket

2. Upload photo

3. Open up the photo,

4. Left clk on this highlights in yellow - Copied

5. Return to to Warrington Worldwide,

6. Open up profile, paste into: Off site avatar

7. Submit

8. Job done

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SL / Gary.... it doesn't work for me either when I try use the 'upload avitar from your computer' button. It says it has updated my profile but then there is no avitar.


I even tried it with the picture I used to use but that didn't work by the 'upload from your pc' either.

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so where is it then :?


Mine is 72 x 78 and my other was 74 x 78 (resized in photobucket)they were fine.


Try shrinking yours a teeny bit a bit more.


If you have followed Algys instructions it should definately work.


Make sure your link is like this and that you havent copied the link with IMG round it...... mine is http ://i328. photobucket.com/albums/l346/dismayed_2008/me-1-1.jpg (without the spaces of course)


Go to your profile page scroll down and press DELETE Avatar Image (even if you don't think you have one)


Submit chages to your profile.


Then go back into your profile page and

paste YOUR link into the very last box on your profile page


And submit changes again.

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ALGY.. I have always used photobucket to do it too (in the exact way you have described) as that's the only way that seems to work for me too.


I've put mine back now :D


Dizz it was you who taught me in the first place. :wink:

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I'm suprised you are speaking to Wingy Algy as he didn't follow your instructions... you did tell him to Left clk on the Direct Link.... if he had done that it wouldn't have had the IMG code around it and would have worked first time :wink::lol:


Only kidding Wingy as I thought that you had probably clicked on the usual link code (ie the one for displaying photos on a post) ... I do it all the time too out of habit and have to delete the bits around the edge :wink::oops::lol:

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