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Youth services and Youth Provision and Young people.


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Get yourself a Saver Card Tom... ?21 a month and free bus travel every day/nigh of the week :wink:


My worry is not that the kids themselves wont have the common sense or maturity to behave and get home safely but more so the other's who will be in the town at the same time who may provoke or initialise 'problems' :?


Anyway, that aside for now...


Is the proposed w Time Square venue big enough to have bands on...? I thought you said they already do that in the Parr Hall anyway :?


The media centre part of the club... what will that have? By media do you mean like a games room with xboxes etc and pc's with internet access or something more specific ?


Whatever happened to the Newlove's campaign... they were supposed to be providing things for local kids to do aswell as a hands on media centre and radio station etc etc for youngster's be get involved with etc etc.




I do , but a lot of young people don't sadly.

And I agree, I'd say I have the common sense and maturity to get home safe, but it just doesn't help when the person walking towards you wants to start something.

But again, a Youth Centre can't have control on who is in town and who your going to come across on your way home.


When me and members of IMPACT visited the site, its like a tardis.

You go in and it goes back really far and the upstairs is just room after room, with plenty of space for music rooms, studio's, stages etc.

It just comes down to the amount of funding xD


As for media, I presume the idea was to have computers.

I'm not too clear on what software would be on them, perhaps editing software for young film makers, perhaps gaming software or just access to the internet for the "technological generation" xD


As for "Newlove", I've never heard of it :/

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I agree that a Youth Centre can't have control on who is in town and who your going to come across on your way home so therefore it should be in a location to minimise any possible risks.


The venue sounds really big from what you say so that's really good but like you say it would be dependant on there being enough funding to kit it all out properly and then to run it and cover the costs.


As for the media rooms....most kids all have access to the internet via pc's mobiles, ipods etc etc these days Tom so maybe you/whoever needs to think a bit more about this area and it's facilities. Having xboxes/playstations etc would possibly cause more trouble than good although film making sounds a good idea but surely you wouldn't be able to have more than a few people using it at any one time.


What about all the other kids who unlike you aren't into music, stage or filmmaking though... what will there be for them to do or will they not be accomodated :?


I wish I was a teenager again as all that sounds right up my street... maybe I could be the token old person who gets a membership card :D


Suprised you have never heard of the Newlove's though or their subsequent campaigns and ideas for the community as the three daughters are only young like you :?

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I'm sure we can arrange something :wink:


And as for what facilities there would be, the survey we gave out was three pages long, which listed dozens of things we could have in the youth centre and IMPACT (who made the survey) has members from all stereotypes, who all have different hobby's and interests, so as a group, we'd make sure they'd be something to cater for all different interests, from arts and crafts to sport to media to music to perhaps things like cooking.


At this moment in time, anything is possible, as its all in our imagination xD

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It's great to read well-written arguments from Tom and Jenny representing the younger people of Warrington. I remember facing Tom and many of his piers in the recent 'Speed Debate' it?s good to see he is more than holding his own on here against the oldies. :D


and it is good to see an elected representative back on here after a 12 month absence :wink:

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The Newlove radio thing in Golden Square was just a short term publicity gimmick.


And one which received quite a lot of funding if I remember correctly :? Wonder what happened to all the equipment they had too... would be good to hand it over to a youth project eh :wink:


Hello to Geoff S ..... about time you came back on here :D:wink:

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The Newlove bandwagon has rolled on to the bright lights of London and the House of Lords.....


Some of us with the same experiences just got on with our lives instead of trying to be famous and rich off the back of a tragedy

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No disrespect Baz but perhaps we had better not go down that route on this topic eh as most of us can't even imagine what we would or wouldn't do if faced with a similar tragedy :oops:


My only reason for mentioning them was that I wondered what had happened to all the grand plans, ideas and possible funding that was supposed to be going towards youth provision in the area etc. :wink:

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You do have a point Baz as having just looked.... Baroness Newlove of Warrington (who now sits on the House of Lords Tom :wink: ) is still working hard to promote and provide safer and improved facilities and opportunities for youngsters within their communities... but not round here any longer it seems :?


Tom... why don't you contact her directly and try and get her to support the kids and the things you/they all think are lacking round here :wink:

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nice piece of insight there Baz! :wink:


only writing it as I see it Obs...... She (Mrs Newlove) has been somewhat obvious in her absense of late


I know she is supposed to be supporting what Dizzy has pointed out, but surely she would have started in the very town that the young murderers robbed her of her husband.... or am I being too simplistic?

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:shock::lol: Are there many going then :wink:


Before you get too radical though read the front page news story.


Your cafe is mentioned along with the proposed ?5+ million 'youth zone project' :evil::shock: Surely it's not ALL going to be in the town centre (not that it will probably happen of course)



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Were hoping to get quite a few people, but the protest is not one against the Council, but rather their decisions.

We want recognition, consultation and apologies.

Not a war with them xD


And yes, IMPACT was quite puzzled at that ?5million Youth Centre too.

We asked for a Youth Cafe, with Youth facilities.

And then suddenly, we're promised the biggest and best Youth Centre in the world that will take 5-6 years to build and will cost ?5million to create.


Personally I don't see how they can cut almost ?3million from young people, through cutting Youth Services.

But then promise us a ?5million toy that will be ready in 6 years time to keep us happy...


And yes, the idea is to have a massive Youth Centre in the town centre, all funded through private companies (which I doubt will listen to IMPACT). But once the huge complex is built, I have to ask what will happen to the small little Youth Cafe? You know, the one we originally asked for 2 years ago xD

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Having read various bits and pieces today Tom (well the bits that will open up without failing or we are 'allowed' to read :roll: ) I'd say that the two are completely different Youth Proposals but have been 'joined' together so to speak to show willing and to make the whole more grand venture sound more promising. :wink:


Seems the main ?5 million 'Youth Zone' idea is actually one of Helen Newlove's [Conservative Barroness in the H of L's] ambitious aims after all....:shock: ... and apparently modelled on the award-winning Bolton Lads and Girls Club, which caters for 3,000 young people seven days a week, providing a gym and sports facilities, a performing arts studio and a social hub. yep I googled :lol::wink:


I'm rather confused though as there are already a lot of gyms and sports facilities dotted all around within Warrington not to mention the new Orford Park Project which is supposed to be providing the same and more facilities besides.


Again confusions strikes as not only are there suggestions towards an option of building a brand new youth centre but also suggestions and 'options' to use existing unused building space such as upper floors of a retail store etc in Bridge Street etc too :?


So is this ?5 million Youth Zone going to be as good as it sounds or what as depending on whuch option is chosen it could be really naff ?


Like you say the proposed ?5 million all singing all dancing Youth Zone and centre will be funded by public/private investment (so not out of the councils/taxpayers pocket as such) so my guess is that it is in the councils interests to provide an interim smaller venue such as the Youth Cafe as if that has a lot of members and is doing well then more investors will be inclined to come forward for the BIG Warrington Regeneration and Investment (paid for by others) Project :wink:


Anyway Tom... no point in worrying about it as sounds like you are going to finally get your Cafe sooner rather than later providing there is an investor for that bit :wink:


Wether it will meet your expectations and wether it will have the type of facilities you actually want for now. Wether you will still have it in a few years time is anyones guess...I guess you may lose it if the big project materialises but then you will have something even better.


So enjoy your cafe while you have it eh and while you are still young enough to be allowed in :lol::wink:


By the way.... who did the initial consultations.. who was asked...what questions were asked... and do you have access to a copy of it all. :D

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Long but very educational and wise :wink:


As for a copy of our consultation and the collected data, I've been asking the Youth Service for a copy of it for a while now, but sadly they have not come forth it a copy.


I'm under the understanding that there must be a completed copy, otherwise I'm unsure what was actually taken to the council to support our campaign.


The next IMPACT meeting is on the 11th, so I will ask again for a copy and hopefully get the details of it to you soon after :D

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Long but very educational and wise :wink:


Not too bad for an oldie then :lol::lol::wink:


Thanks Tom :D


Did you not keep a copy of it all or analyse it yourself before you handed it over to them... :shock: if not remember that one for next time :wink:


If you have no luck getting the data/info you want ask the Council and Youth Services Dept for a copy of it ALL along with any other relevant correspondence/minutes/agendas/meeting notes/ etc relating to the consultation and findings/statistics/etc 'in paper copy or electronic format' with a FOI request (Freedom of Information).


They have to give it you then and witin 28 days :wink: (providing they have not shredded it all of course but then they wouldn't do that as that could be seen as tweaking the evidence and statistics to meet their 'own' needs :?:oops:


If you need any help or are unsure of what to do (which I doubt as you seem very able) let me know :lol:

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