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More snow


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You've got a good memory Peter :lol:


I just searched to find my exact first post but the records only go back to Fri Dec 01, 2006 so either Peter has a very good memory or he has access to the posts of christmas past :lol:


He's right though Victor it was indeed about that.


That is how I finished up registering with the name 'Dismayed' (now shortened to 'Dizzy'). I read something on here which really rattled me and registered immediately.. and was asked to enter a 'display name' which threw me in my moment of rage. I wanted to call myself 'Totally ****** ***' but chose 'Dismayed' instead :lol:


And yes.. lets have a party :D You supply the booze and nibbles and I'll take the photos :lol:


I should be upto the target of 7500 posts in a few days... maybe I need to quit posting then and get a life :lol:


Think we should wait a couple of months til you reach a real milestone and join the 10,000 plus club :wink:

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Gosh that would be fun eh.. I've abseiled down the side of a huge waterfall but never tried to climb one :D


Sadly the grippers are not quite so extreme though Obs they are only from the Bettaware catalogue and having now looked at them and their tiny little FLAT studs I don't think they are going to be very good :lol:


I can get a refund though if the are naff... problem is I can't try them as there's no snow or ice now :roll::lol::lol:


Clever sales and delivery technique maybe :wink::lol:

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It's snowing again...wasn't expecting that :shock:


I checked the weather yesterday and it was ok for today.


I've just checked again and yes heavy snow forecast for 09.00 turning to light snow at 12.00, followed by medium level cloud at 3pm, heavy rain at 6pm, drizzle at 9pm and fog at midnight ..... I will be checking the accuracy of their times as the day progresses :lol:


... a bit of sunshine and we would be having the lot today :wink::lol:

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