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More snow


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There's time yet Obs :lol::wink:


Actually it's now 6 minutes past midnight so is it officially Xmas day now even though I've not had my xmas eve 'sleep'.


Good job there was no point in my other half wrapping my pressy up eh... I've been using it for over a week :lol::lol:


Happy 'white' or 'whatever' xmas :D

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Agree with you about the wet slush on the pavements/roads being even more lethal that the snow/ice we had before. IF ONLY IT HAD ALL BEEN CLEARED BEFORE NOW !!!


To add to that the fast thaw round here is resulting in huge puddles and rivers on the roads and pavements which have no where to as the routes to the grids are blocked.


I've just spent an hour trying to dig channels at the side of the road to divert the water and also tried my very best to clear the councils blocked drains on the pavement near my ederly neighbours house.


Managed to get the cover off, broke all the ice in it, but the drain leading from it appears to be full of rotten leaves and other debris.


Waste of time as I can't get my arm far enough down to clear it all... and they already have a 4 inch deep, two foot wide river of water sitting outside their front gate with the rest of the water trying to get there too.


Council offices are SHUT ( :lol::lol: ) too so no-one to call.


The temparatures seems to be dropping again....just hope it doesn't all freeze :shock:

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You've got a good memory Peter :lol:


I just searched to find my exact first post but the records only go back to Fri Dec 01, 2006 so either Peter has a very good memory or he has access to the posts of christmas past :lol:


He's right though Victor it was indeed about that.


That is how I finished up registering with the name 'Dismayed' (now shortened to 'Dizzy'). I read something on here which really rattled me and registered immediately.. and was asked to enter a 'display name' which threw me in my moment of rage. I wanted to call myself 'Totally ****** ***' but chose 'Dismayed' instead :lol:


And yes.. lets have a party :D You supply the booze and nibbles and I'll take the photos :lol:


I should be upto the target of 7500 posts in a few days... maybe I need to quit posting then and get a life :lol:

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