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Taking the P?


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so how does that work then?


how can you record a song in an empty room. surely if you are in there it is no longer empty so in that respect it is not a song recorded in an empty room so is misleading.


if it is just a recorded song played in an empty room then how do you listen to it. do you stand outside or what. also how do you know the room is empty unless there is a window to check.


and the obvious if a recorded song is played in an empty room will it make a noise. sound does not travel in a vacuum.a completely empty room would be a vacuum. which just about sums up the definition of art as portrayed by the turner prize. :?

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Carefull Sid you are stating logic on the edge of insanity, but hey! judging by the work that these modern so-called artists are turning out either they are totally insane or the idiots that appreciate their work are, these so-called artists that apply paint (or excretia) to canvas are not fit to clean the brushes of Turner & Co. :wink:

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I heard someone on the radio yesterday trying to explain the finer points of this revolutionary work. They said that they believe that enough people will download this for it to keep the xfactor song from reaching the number one spot for Christmas. They also said it wasn't intended as a Christmas song, in fact it was recorded some time back but they kept it quiet. :lol:


Bill :)

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