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Grab Bag.


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Ahh you see,

I would make the choice that I did, so that I can map out a water where I want to go fishing. Take note of wind direction, and mark the exact locations of any fish movement that I saw. I'm not just a pretty face yer know. :D:D:D



Sue's choice can't be allowed cos it's cheating. Anyway, it's my game, and I make the rules up. ..........as I go along :D:D:D


I forgot to add a penknife to me list to re-sharpen me pencil with, but it doesn't matter because I found one when I was sat down taking notes. :D

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If you were told to go and make yourself scarce for the day in a liesurely kind of way, what would you put in the Grab bag? No more than ten items. Here?s what I would take.


When I was little, my elder brother and his girl freind use to say the same thing to me, they gave me a couple of shillings and a lolli pop, and say "go and play with your nice freinds for a while".

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