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Are they normal - or am I?


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I was watching the local news on television last night and saw an item about people queuing for hours (possibly all night, I think) to get tickets for a group called "Take That" who I have vaguely heard of but, so far as I am aware, never actually heard. But forget the group - it could have been any group, band, singer, orchestra, film star, member of the Royal Family, or anyone.

I would never, and would never have even in my youth, queued for tickets for anything or anybody if it meant me standing for more than a few minutes.

Now am I normal? Or are the people who were queuing for Take That and who seemed quite proud to boast about how long they were prepared to queue, normal? Have I missed out on something in life because I don't value anything enough to go to those lengths? Please help me someone!!!

I could, I suppose, also ask whether the item should be regarded as news!

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Lucy.. Take that were a boy band in the 1990's the one that Robbie Williams used to be in (who I hear you say :lol: )... they split up after about 6 years or so and their fans were distraught :?:shock::lol: ... they got back together in 2005 (ish) and their fans were elated but were then distraught again because Robbie Williams decided he didn't want to rejoin cos he'd fallen out with them or vice versa....


Now Robbie W has decided to rejoin after all.. probably due to the fact that he is no longer doing ok on his own and his money has run out. So mass mania is probably because of that but why I have no idea :lol:


So YES you are right and the fans are mad to queue for tickets to see a 'has once been' boy band who have now reformend and they will probably just sing all the same old songs anyway.


And NO I wouldn't queue even if it was for my favourite artist of all time.


Makes me laugh when people queue outside 'Next' sales all night too in the hope of getting a cheap blouse or jumper.... MADNESS :lol::wink:

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Lucy. It is nothing new.


I blame the A,mericans for sending Bill Hailey and his Comets over here. A few years later we get the Beatles and the Rolling Stones,(and if you haven't heard of them you must have led a very sheltered life) and things have never been the same since.

Define normal.

People sleep on the pavement to get into the sales. People queue to get into Wimbledon.

They even queue at the Halliwell ~Jones to get tickets for the rugby.


And in my opinion, no-one is normal these days. :wink:

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