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One way ticket to Mars!

Sue Durnim

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One way ticket to Mars, no thank you!


NASA?yes you guessed it, those bonkers Americans are at it again, coming up with great ideas. They want people to volunteer and also to sponsor the project called ?Hundred Year Starship? with a view of you staying on Mars permanently, eventually to colonise it.


What happens if you become ill, need a dentist or worse a swift drink in the local with your freinds?


I know a few people I would like to volunteer for it, now where?s my cheque book?

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without of course are you stupid :lol:


The ratio of space v air quality v number of people v vehicles combined with the gravitational pull and orbit speed calculations (based on information derived from the the average number of incidents on Pluto) would clearly show that an speed of 52.543644738297 (light years) would result in a far safer environment for all :?


Eh :shock::oops::lol:

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