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Well the end results might be similar in that they both break power and communications but they really are two very different phenomena. It?s rather like calling a flood (after days of torrential rain) a tsunami because they both involve water and cause devastation.


Strictly speaking and electromagnetic pulse is something that only lasts for a fraction of a second rather like a lightning discharge (the tsunami) while the effects from the sun causes a slow build up of current (flood) in anything conductive including the ground.


Pity we can?t harness this excess free electricity, now there?s a thought! :roll:


Bill :)

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Yes it would but it wouldn?t be the flash bang wallop of an emp but a gradual build up of excess energy that the power stations just aren?t designed to deal with. The problem is then that because our power grids are so finely balanced, a sudden and unpredicted shutdown of just one can causes a knock on effect that can take the whole network down like a pack of dominoes. Quite scary when you think about it.


As for getting power from the sun on a large scale, well that may be possible but not in my lifetime. Personally I think the better option is to think of the earth as being a massif dynamo, after all it?s a lump of iron rotating in a magnetic field so all I need to work out is where the bloody connections are. :lol:


Bill :)

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