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Wolves Challenge Cup Double winners !!!!!


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:D Congratulations on the amazing defence of the Challenge Cup !!!! What a great performance :P


Getting video cameras ready now for coverage of the homecoming at the Town Hall ..... We promise great video coverage of the return home including one to one video interviews withe the squad and of course Tony Smith :D !!!! A great day awaits and I can't wait once again to share in this historic ocassion, the second amazing homecoming in just over 12 months !!!!!!


See everyone at the town hall tomorrow ... Indy....

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Blummin' marvelous result today and well worth having to get up at 5.30 am :? We'll be there tomorrow somewhere along the route :D:D:D


Can't find my blummin camera though and think I left it at work which is shut :shock: and the battery on the video recorder seems to be buggered and wont recharge so we are relying on your coverage tomorrow Indy.


I know you wont let us down :D:wink:

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i would like to say i was really glad that wire won yesterday even though i am a saints fan.

the best team won by far and the defence was the best i have seen this season it was nice to see the faces of senior,maguire,and co. well done wire.


Nice to get praise from a Saints fan - thanks..... :shock:

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