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The ideal gift for anyone who hates cycle lanes

Pete Owens

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Pete good to hear from you, I called around at Caths on Monday evening to see what she thought about the recent changes orchestrated by Lesley and co.


Cath has put in so much effort and time to get WBC to improve the safety on the path to Birchwood from Crab Lane that's feature in Gary's Warrington TV - but doesn't have a cyclist in sight! - What?s that all about? :wink:


Anyone she still wants that matter and the green Peter Kay issue of 'GOING NOWHERE' resolved. Se has sent me the email here Lesley admits the error. Not sure what I can do but I'll give it a go.


I've also pumped up the volume on my tires and been whizzing around but I need some brakes that will stop me in the wet and a decent saddle.


I wonder what WAHL view on this is, he's really read hotabout the traffic calming on EPR.


Would you like a spot on the Parish Council agenda next month or after Chrimbo to talk about the new cycle path?

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Hey up, it's a commercial.....Gary will be invoicing you if you aren't careful. Actually I hear it is a great book :D


Never mind cycle lanes, get the potholes filled so that I can at least ride on the road. I've even bought a nice big comfy seat for my bike......Mrs K has banned me from cycling to the office because of the state of the roads. Mind you the potholes are even knackering my car and no doubt other people's as well.

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You can't get a good saddle for ?10 :D My five bikes are all shod with this saddle - does wonders for your bot, no numbness even on rides 120miles+ (anyone up for doing the Cheshire Cat later on next year? 114miles and finishes with a mile long 25% hill - lovely!).


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