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Should schools lock their gates at lunch time?

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Makes ure all the kids are in school, lock the gates and throw away the key. :wink:


On a more serious note I can remember when schools cut the dinner time to half an hour in an attempt to cut down on bullying and anti social behaviour in the local community. These days because schools have 1200+ pupils the school canteen is unable to cope with all the children in half an hour, so they stagger the dinner break which in turn allows pupils on the streets in shifts from 12pm -2pm :confused: :confused:

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I saw the one on the news this morning also restricted parents giving their children packed lunches to reduce the number of "chubby" children.


I say its a damn infringement of human rights. No one should be able to tell a parent what to or what not to feed their children.


secondly...I'm pretty sure they are acting unlawfully forcing the children to eat only products as supplied by their canteen.


can schools be investigated by the monopolies commision ?

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When I were a lad we weren't allowed out of school at lunch time except on sports day when it took the whole lunch hour to walk (yes walk) to the sports field to engage in rugby, cricket, cross country or athletics or whatever. Locks weren't needed on the gates as the threat of death was sufficient to keep us in!! :wink::wink::wink:

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Pretty much all schools here have the no leaving campus at lunch time. The reason is that the schools are legally responsible for all students from opening till closing of the day. So they stay in and eat canteen food or what they brought from home.


I have found this to be a much safer atmosphere too.

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We don't have gates - we have doors, they open out but not in - only one door anyone can come into the school. We have a wall not a high one that circles the school. Keeps the bad people out - hopefully.


But the lunch in school is because the school doesn't want the kiddies they are responsible for to get hurt out side of school.


I remember a child several years ago got hit by a car - but got up and went to lunch went back to school and fell over - internal bleeding. :(


So really the no going out for lunch is a good idea - at least I think so.

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