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Sunday V Wakefield.

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So back to the job in hand and to Sunday against Wakefield... They've been terrible for the last few weeks with some right beatings at the hands of Saints, Castleford and Catalans and in the face of it they should be getting another beating on Sunday.


Having said that i always have a dodgy feeling going to Wakefield and our form over the years has been a bit ropey to say the least but confidence should be high and I think we could even rest a few players if they have genuine knocks and still win with about 20.

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Have no fear we will win this confidence is high in the team at the mo and Micky Higham is back so no probs :wink::lol:


Seriously I do think we will be too strong for Wakey and Wire will win by 18.


Win with 18, good call.


Thought Wire played ok, they were a little dodgy in defence on occasions but luckily enough Wakefield didn't offer much in attack.

Thaler had a shocker disallowing three tries for forward passes but ironically missed there's... He was a joke.


Still think were desperate for a goal kicker and it'll be much tougher on Friday so some improvement needed on today's performance.

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