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Dual standards at Asda?


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Reuse your carrier bags they keep telling us or get some bags for life. I did and I?ve saved the planet so many times now I?ve given up counting! All good stuff from the supermarkets then but has anyone ever done an on-line shop at Asda?


I took delivery of my son?s weekly on-line shopping last week and was amazed to find that all the items in the reusable returnable delivery box were packed in carrier bags! Unbelievably, they used 25 individual carrier bags, many of which had only one or to items per bag.


What?s the point of supermarkets making people feel guilty about using plastic carrier bags if they themselves don?t follow the same rules?


Next time I shop at Asda, I?m thinking of using 25 bags to see if they think it?s acceptable. :twisted::lol:


Bill :)

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