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VPX (formerly Rampworx) is back.

Peter T

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hmmm Graffiti workshop? I must question the logic of this, what comes next "glue sniffing for beginers", "The art of burglary"?


I mean once you show a teenager how to make his "Tag" look cool, do you think he's going to by some canvas and paints to practice with and put them up in his bedroom?

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Dizzy, where were you? I had the red carp[et out all day waiting your arrival.


Legion, a good point, but the idea was to teach them the positives of Graffiti and give them a lesson on the Rights and Wrongs of it. There is a picture on Facebook (VPX-Warrington) showing the finished product that a lot contributed to as well as pictures of the day.

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Dizzy, where were you? I had the red carpet out all day waiting your arrival.


I had no 'child' to bring so would have looked a bit odd there on my own :oops::lol: I even changed my work plans so we could go :roll::cry: Kids eh :evil:

Maybe next week if I can find someone elses younger kid to borrow :roll::lol:


Are they going to have the graffitti sign that was created on permenant display somewhere in Victoria Park as it's really good :D

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We have not decided on anywhere to putthe Graffiti art yet, anyone with any ideas let me know (sensible ideas please)


Please let everyone know about VPX, and even without kids come down anway, Radio Warrington will be there again this week along with Face painting, Rampworx coaching BMX, SKATING, BOARDING we have Football,Tag Rugby, Volleyball, Target Bowls, and Graffiti Art. Asda will be there giving out free juice, Co-op have provided the volunteers helping with butties for dinner, and water for the day, Youth Services will have the football target game and we also have the assault course, everything is FREE and we also have prizes to give away whoops nearley forgot the fire brigade with the smoke tent and rescue equipment and the police events vehicle will be there with computers and things to do.

the only thing to spend any money on is the ice creams.


it's worth coming to watch Peter T doing some work (thanks peter)

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I think it's absolutely fantastic what you are all doing and from all the photos it looks like a lot of kids have had an awful lot of fun so far... and all for free :D


Brilliant, especially as it caters for all age groups (the older teens always seem to get left out of other summertime activities but not this one) :D


Only criticism I have is that it's on a day that I keep getting called into work on :cry: but that's not your fault :lol::lol::wink:


Hoping to get there this week though as my mobile will be FLAT !! :wink:

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