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Well, we finally competed on Saturday at ICC Summer Jam in Nottingham. We only entered 2 catagories this time-- Power Tumbling 16+ Male & Youth Group Stunts. I am pleased to report we did very well!! Our tumbler took 1st Place and our stunt group took 3rd Place!!


Now on to Season 3 which officially starts in August!! We have 3 competitions scheduled for the new season and expect to enter much more! We have started registrations for all of our teams (cheer, dance, and tumbling; ages 3-25) so if you'd like more information please give me a call (07804 226 025) or PM me!


Thanks for your support!!


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You can see them in action at the peace cup at half time! :wink:


I hope so, Gary. This rain today has me worried, though. We can't stunt or tumble in the rain or on wet ground. :(


Thanks, Legion. The photos are on my web site, so I will try to add some here.











Yaaayyyy!! It works, of course they're huge. Sorry, I don't know how to shrink them.



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Wow great pictures. Never thought youngsters were so energetic.





Our kids are amazing. They really love what we do and they really work hard at it. Jake was extrememly brave to go out and do a solo routine infront of such an enormous crowd and the girls were incredible-- they have never peformed in front of more than say 50 people. The girl who is actually in the air in two pictures (this is called basket tossing) is 8 years old. The girls who threw and caught her (her bases) are 9, 11, 11, and 12.


This kind of thing takes an enormous amount of structure and discipline to teach. I am a stickler for safety and skills progression, as well as age appropriate skills. That's why it has taken us so long to compete. I won't take them out until they a) can do what they need to do safely and B) will walk away proud of their efforts with a sense of accomplishment.


These girls took 3 out of 5. The top two teams had higher level skills that we did, the other teams did as well, but suffered deductions due to falls and/or wobbly stunts. I played it safe this time doing only what I knew they could pull off even with the nerves and we had no deductions. Not a single point! That in itself is a major accomplishment. Stunts can and often do wobble, even if they have been perfectly still for months of practice.


I also threw in a picture of our senior team at the church fete. This team is made up of girls and boys ages 13+. It is a small team of only 13 kids, but we are hoping to change that this season. This team probably struggles the most during this time with holidays and summer jobs, but they are still working hard at it. I hope to bring at least one stunt team from their group to compete soon. I'll keep you posted.


Unfortunately, the wet pitch kept up from performing yesterday. The kids were very disappointed, but I do plan to bring them out to another match in the near future.


We are starting the new season now (new routines, etc.), so I have opened up registrations again. If any of you are interested or know someone who might be, please get in touch or pass on my details. As a non-profit organisation, there is very little advertising money, so we rely mainly on word of mouth.




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