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Agatha Christies - A Witness For The Prosicution


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The Pyramid


Fri 16th July tickets ?4.00 BARGAIN !!!!


Acting up - Am-Dramatics group community theatre


Sir Wilfred Robarts , a master barrister in ill health, takes Leonard Vole on as a client, over the protestations of his private nurse, Miss Plimsoll, that the doctor had told him to stay away from criminal cases. Vole is accused of murdering Ms. Emily French, a rich, older woman who had become enamored of him, going so far as to make him the main beneficiary of her will. Strong circumstantial evidence all points to Vole as the killer.


When Sir Wilfred speaks with Vole's German wife Christine, he finds her rather cold and self-possessed, but she does provide an alibi. Therefore, he is greatly surprised when she is called as a witness for the prosecution. While a wife cannot testify against her husband, it is shown that Christine was in fact still married to another man when she wed Leonard. She testifies that Leonard admitted to her that he had killed Mrs. French, and that her conscience forced her to finally tell the truth.

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Please show your support, its this FRI/SAT, ?4 (even cheeper consessions)..do something different this weekend.


If you arn't going tell your freinds.


Little plug in the news section would be nice Gary ???


Old news now :wink: But these topics get flagged up on the front page of the news site :D

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