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Chris Bridge.

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So it's come out today that Bridge is carrying a shoulder injury which could be a "season ending injury"... the article also reads "He's been carrying an injury for a few weeks".


My question is why an earth have we allowed him to play with an injury when it's not necessary and more importantly allowed him to be picked for England against France on a week he could have had off ???


The injury must have been a season ending one at the time of him doing it in the first week so why let him carry on, if the injury wasn't that bad at the time but has now turned into a season ending one then shame on Warrington for picking him for the team and allowing him to play.... Either way to let the player play with an injury is completely unacceptable regardless of it being a massive game or a nothing game, the players welfare should be taken into consideration so you don't make the injury worse which could have a massive impact on the player himself and the club he plays for.


I'm really quite disappointed about this and thought Tony Smith would have know better.

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here goes,


any connection between Bridges 'season ending injury' and the noticable downturn in the wolves performances?


has something gone on that we aren't party to?


Bridge has always been a bit of a loose cannon.

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According to Sky Sports Chris will undergo a shoulder operation on Wednesday, increasing the likelihood that he will not play again in 2010.


The England international is expected to be sidelined for three months, effectively ruling him out of the run-in to the regular season and the play-offs.


Warrington coach Tony Smith admitted it was a "big blow" to lose Bridge, who is also likely to miss this year's Four Nations series Down Under.


"He will probably not be participating again," Smith said. "It is a big blow - he is, if not the form centre in the competition, very close to it. He has played consistently well now for some time and I am disappointed for him. But it is something that happens to most rugby league players in their careers. He will handle it professionally and come back stronger and fitter than ever for next season. He has had this for some time and it has been coming for ages, it is not like a bombshell that has hit us. It has got to the stage where he is in considerable pain on and off the field."

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All is not lost, we have King and Hicks who are both very capable at right centre.


Who knows it could possibly make way for another winger to come into the fray.


The return of Myler will negate the loss of Bridge in terms of support play.

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