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The creation of artificial life

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Very interesting and worrying?


Now that humans (or should I say Americans) can create artificial life, how long will it be before we all start looking like the two 2012 Olympic mascots?


Where will it all end, will a mutant DNA appear to change the way we look and behave, will we develop new skills or become a totally new species to habit the planet? (BBC link below)




Reading some of the posts on Warrington Worldwide lately, I think some of the mutant organisms have already escaped and writing topics on this forum? :wink:

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:lol::lol::lol: mutants 'r us :lol:


It is interesting and worrying as you say SD. Clever stuff though.


Science is not one of my strong points but bacteria can mutate so what they produce now could in time become rather different. :shock:


These scientists say one of their aims is to "build" bacteria that can absorb carbon dioxide to help repair damage to the environment....


..... but plants use carbon dioxide... so all you need is out of control or an overload of 'mans' specially designed bacteria to kill off all plants ..... we'd all be gonners then too :shock:


I'm sure they have thought of that though so worry over :D8)

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Dizzy, the time to start worrying started years ago, eveytime time they try to make things better, it only gets worse, just look at that big oil leak that BP has caused for example.


Not sure if I can trust any science boffin just yet, if there is a million to one chance of anything ever happening, it will. :wink:

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The explosion was caused by the failure of the blow out preventer valve which, believe it or not, was supposed to prevent the blow out! It wasn't caused by BP. The amount of oil that is leaking, while it sounds massive, is only a fraction of the amount that leaks into US coastal waters from natural leaks from untapped oil fields. It is, however, an ecologists dream. Nothing an ecologist likes more than a good man made disaster to wring his hands over. :wink::wink:

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I think the idea of artificial life is scary and exciting at the same time. I could see there being body farms in the future where if someone needs a new heart or lung or kidney, they'll be able to harvest one from the "artificial humans" on the farm. I see a lot of controversy and possible wars over this down the road.

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