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When will 'it' stop ?


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By 'it' I mean the never ending fallout of white fluffy stuff that we've had round here for 2 days now?


It looked like it was snowing earlier :shock:


Couldn't go out of the house without coming back looking like I had a severe case of dandruff... the poor dog fell asleap outside this afternoon and came in covered in the stuff..... kitchen is full of it from having the door open and blummin bedroom is full of it too cos I left the window open :shock::lol:


I thought it was dandelion spores but having thought about it they have little stick tails... this is just like fine cotton wool with a little white speck in it.


So What is it any ideas..... and how has it all decided to go airborne on the same 2 days ?

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The white fluffy stuff is dandy lion clocks


Thought that at first too but it's nothing like dandelion clocks as they have little seed with a stick and an umbrella strands to wizz through the air.


Anyway after much research (ok so 30 minutes) it seems that it may actually be from poplar trees.



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