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Ipod Touch.. Itunes... and new pc


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Help again please.... sorry of this is long winded :oops:


Son has an Ipod Touch and has paid for and downloaded loads off music and Apps since getting it.


Many music tracks and albums etc were added to it via our pc from cd's and via itunes and in addition a lot of other stuff was paid for via itunes cards and downloaded from the store again via our pc.


PC threw a complete wobbler and had to be virtually rebuilt and all software was lost in the process.


Now... we have been told that when you connect your ipod to itunes via your pc it checks between the PC / Ipod / Itunes and any deletions from the PC/Itunes will also be deleted from the actual Ipod and vice versa (or something like that anyway)


So my question is.....


How when I reinstal Itunes can we then connect the Ipod Touch (which like I say has loads of stuff on it) via what is essentially a new PC WITHOUT LOSING ALL THE EXISTING DATA and APPS on it that have already been added, downloaded and paid for !!


Hope that made sense.... :oops::lol: Any help from anyone who has actually managed to do it would be very much appreciated :D

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Thanks for all the other links too but all seems to point to data being lost....


Byrdy have you used the 'getsharepod' software as I'm a bit reluctant to use any software that no one that I know has used. I class myself as 'knowing' you although obviously you could just be an internet weirdo who prays on people with problems :lol::P


The way I see it an IPOD touch has a hard drive... and that hard drive knows where to store a users personally added music files, videos and paid for other content.


.. so its just like a tiny computer... and therefore there must be a way of backing up the added data so that 'syncing' it with another pc doesn't wipe off what has been added since it was purchased. as syncing to a new pc does not wipe off what came preinstalled on it.


Maybe I'm just thinking too much and should just plug it in and say 'hard luck you lost the whole lot and it's Apples fault'.. ring them and complain :lol:

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I don't have an iPod, but I think the problem is that the device syncs with the PC via the software, so it checks that whatever is on the PC is on the ipod and vice versa and makes corrections? If so, then before you connect to itunes, can't you just copy across everything that's on the ipod to the PC. Then they are back in sync.... better check though, cos as I say, I don't iPod, so I may be waaaay too simple in my approach.


Best of luck! :D

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