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Saw this on the BBC football site,and thought it was worth sharing.


How about these predictions:


January-Rafa Benitez rotation policy continues and leaves his entire first team squad behind and brings the U18's to Luton for the FA Cup third round. Luton win 5-0. Chelsea sign Anelka, Berbatov, Ronaldihno,Kaka and Henry-spending ?250million in the process. They then realise they are all cup tied for europe and sell them back to their respective clubs for a combined ?20 million. Arsenal win their third round FA Cup tie with a team whose average age is 14. Man United beat Villa 2-1 with two goals in the 8th and 9th minutes of injury time.

Febuary-Arsenal win the Carling Cup with their U12's recording a 4-1 victory over Chelsea at Wembley. John Terry declared clinically dead after collision with Pat Rice's great grandson who is playing up front for the gunners, but is revived by Arsenal physio Gary Lewin. Chelseas goal comes from a Frank Lampard deflection.

March-Liverpool beat Inter Milan 3-0 on penalties in the SanSiro after both both legs finished 0-0. Reina saves all of Milans penalties. Dirk Kuyt is Liverpools solitary miss.

April. Man united go top after beating chelsea 2-1 at Old Trafford with both United goals coming in the 11th and 12th minutes of injury time. Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties to reach the Champions league final. Reina saves all of Chelseas penalties apart from Frank Lampards which is deflected in..

May. Arsenal win the premiership in the last match of the season at Old Trafford. Alex Ferguson arrested after attacking the referee after he only played 15 minutes injury time. Liverpool,Chelsea and Man City all win 1-0 on last day of the season and United only finish fifth and now need to win the Champions League final against Liverpool to qualify for next year...

Liverpool beat Man United on penalties in Champions League final after being four nil down at half time. Gerrard and Torres come off the bench to score all the goals. Gerrard also scores all Liverpools penalties....

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Like the predictions Bobshaw! But for some serious transfer info:

Cert - Berbatov to United, Anelka to Chelsea.

With the arrival of Anelka, don't be suprised to see Shevchenko move to America in the summer.


Outsiders - I've heard rumours of Kuyt and Mc Carthey doing a swap, which wouldn't be entirely bad. Also there's the outside chance of Liverpool bidding for Wayne Bridge, although i'm not convinced of that one!


Chelsea are looking at Kevin Doyle from Reading and Maicon from Inter, whilst Alladyce, if he's still got a job, could make a move for Ben Hiam and Kevin Nolan.


City could be the suprise movers as they will get Crouch and possibly Owen and Eidur Gudjohnson

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Originally posted by Gary:


Liverpool to win nothing! :( [/QB]

I am reminded of the tug "the Turmoil" that tried to save a sinking ship.(SS.Enterprise, a long time ago)


Will the Yanks sell up?

Will Rafa still be there in April?

Will Stevie G move to Everton?


A club that seems very unsettled.

Oh well. like the Wolves supporters say. "There is always next year." :o :thinker:

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