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Premiere cinema


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Happy days. This old fogey is not "with it" re modern buildings - so forgive if I take you down memory lane.

Odeon, across the road from the Britannia pub in Buttermarket stree (opposite to the gas/electric show rooms)(by ellisons cycle shop)

Empire, 100 yards closer to market gate on the same road.(Waterfields? cake shop)

Cameo - corner of Springfield street/Sankey street. My dad called it the Blood tub and at one time it was a penny or a jam-jar to get in.

Pavilion - Lovely lane at junction with Green street (by Barbara Laws shoe shop and more recently Hawthorn engineering and the co-op)

Queens- Orford lane/Longford street. Now a car wash I think. The one place of real magic in the town.

Star Kinema - Cheapest in town Church street - more or less opposite the snicket. Catteralls DIY and just before the Elizabethan cottage

Regent - Scotland road, close to Stubs (opposite side of the road to the Odeon rear entance and about 120 yards nearer Horsemarket street)

Grand - Wilderspool road, more or less opposite the old Norton Arms and close to the level crossing - roughly at the back of Marshalls gardens

Ritz - where the night club which was Mr Smiths now is - nearly opposite Garlands car showroom and Harry Boyles dance studio. Catch a green Liverpool bus by the river bank)

Premier - as described earlier - being pedantic, no ' E' on the end if my memory is correct.

Palace - now a bingo hall, opposite the Red rose cafe and Old house at home pub. Back of the Feathers.


There was also a cinema in Lymm, near to the Dam.


Happy days

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Flippin heck Harry you have a good memory.


I only rememer two cinemas in town one being where Halo(Mr Smiths) is and the other round the corner where the bingo hall is(was) :?


Such a shame that we now only have the one Cinema up at Westbrook now. My teenage son and his mates all went to watch a film there the other month and came out to find NO busses running back :? Some walked all the way home in the dark :shock: whilst mine and another used their brains and got a taxi back which I had to pay for before the driver would let them out of his car..... Cost me ?10 :shock::shock:


Should have let the driver keep them both eh :lol:

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Pleased to have made the last fence. Anything which happened in the last 20 years, I don't know about.


As a matter of interest the Palace held a theatre licence - and so close to the Royal Court theatre too (more or less poll tax house). The Palace only very occasionally had theatre shows, although I recall seeing Billy Dainty there, circa 1965.

The town lost a great deal when the Royal Court closed.


The best artists used the Bank quay station hotel. Theatrical digs abounded in the lower Cairo street area. Made life interesting, but no more on that.


Happy days

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