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Robben's goal last night was worthy to win any game.

Think Fergie was foolish to risk Rooney, especially when a striker of Berbatov's quality is on the bench.

Shame no English Club's contesting the semi-finals this year - has there been such a decline in our game :?

Lets hope Fulham and Liverpool can continue to fly the flag in Europe tonight - although the way Liverpool have been playing I am not holding my breath.


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Robens goal was indeed a great strike. Fergie got it right with his summary though; Bayern would never have got near a Utd with 11 men on the pitch and it was unfortunate that Rafael was sent off as the second card wasn't really a booking considering they were both tugging and there was a lot worse that went on both before and after that!


Still, it's only a game!

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There is no point Fergie discussing what would have happened if United had kept 11 players on the pitch. The promising but immature fullback was sent off for the umpteenth time this season, so why does he keep picking him?


United were rubbish in Munich, that is where the tie was lost.

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