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On the streets?


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Bet they've got a downer on Mercs?! :wink:


One thing I don't have Obs is a conviction for speeding.... I once got 6 points for knocking a bloke off his motorbike; but it was dark, raining and the bloke had no lights on.... unfortunately, The plod believed him and not the 23 year old (as I was then) driver of the big 4x4 Granada that hit him!!


My last points were for going through a red light........ In a Corsair which didn't want to stop; despite however hard I pressed on the brakes!!! (I did get them fixed after that!) :wink: They've gone now too so I have a clean license again!

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Bet they've got a downer on Mercs?! :wink:


A Merc crashed in one of the small side road behind us last week :shock: So that's three accidents in two weeks round here now :shock:


Maybe it's good that the poice are out with their speed guns and maybe it's the smaller side roads they should be targeting for a while :?

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