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For the drop


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Every football fan should be hoping that West Ham are sent down after the cop out by the authorities. United to have a convincing win early enough against the cheats to enable Wigan to win 1-0 to despatch the Hammers to oblivion.

Contrived result? Possibly,but who cares? :wink:

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As a United supporter I am disappointed that they had a negative contribution in the drop scenario. West Ham should have been stuffed with the chances created but Smith was invisible, Rooney had a 'mare with a smile and the 'big 3' didn't make much difference.

Whilst both Northern reds had other agendas it still smells of 'I'm all right Jack'. Wigan stayed up which goes some way to temper my annoyance but hopefully the cheats will be relegated in the courts.


[ 13.05.2007, 23:25: Message edited by: Eagle ]

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