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The rats are leaving -


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Pay them a flat salary out of which everything must be paid.This will obviously involve a rise but it will at least put an end to all this nonsense of trying to boost their salary in an underhand way. It won't be popular but they've got themselves into this mess by trying to duck a tough issue.

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Cut their numbers drastically. Pay rise for what's left.


To be contentious, If the four are found guilty I would not send them to jail. The disgrace plus community service or similar will be sufficient.

The system that was in place, almost , repeat almost, encouraged

mischief. They jumped on a train which was already in motion and seemed to have a free bar where nearly all the others were drinking and with no chance of a hangover.


Will say sorry for that view in advance.


happy days

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That's about right H; we could cut the number of MPs by 50%, saving over ?40million; some of which could be used to impliment a flat rate payment scheme with NO perks or expenses; similarly the House of Lords could be cut to a 100 seat Senate elected on a PR basis and filled from Party lists - sorted! :shock:

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Believe the watchdog, that is to supervise MPs financial affairsw in future, is going to cost us ?6.6million to set up - makes you wonder whether it was worth it? I could pluck 12 ordinary folk off the street, as a citizens jury, who could rule on cases and come up with a new system, and police it for a tenth of the cost - perhaps the job should be open to tenders? :roll:

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