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  • 4 weeks later...
On the Press release we have signed three new players, one of which is a keeper. I have seen him play many times. He is a decent keeper on his day.


I won't spoil Gary's fun by saying who just yet.



"on his day"???

Let's hope he has more on than off!!!!! :cry:

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so you will have seen him before.


No he won't Eagle is an armchair fan and has not ventured to the field of dreams yet!

May be the half price offer and the chance of seeing an ex-premier league player in action will entice him from his nest in Glazebury :wink:


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0-0 Half time.


finished 2-1 to clitheroe and could have been more if it hadnt been for the new keeper!!


Keeper looked promising but the performance by the rest of the team was simply not good enough.

Hopefully they can pull their socks up for the next two games!

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I have to agree the performance was dissapointing but dont forget the team has gone through a lot of change in the last couple of weeks. A team takes time to gel together and there were a number of new faces in the team last night. Have to say Duffy looked promising at the back. Thought Tooney was a bit off the pace last night, got caught on and off the ball a number of times. Think Kinsey might have been a better choice to start the game.

With the recent new signings the squad is getting stronger and if not this season should definately be in place for promotion next season.


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