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  1. The idea for to close off Harpers road for through traffic has never been discussed to the majority of residents for example the first I knew about it was that there was a proposal in front of the traffic committee, and a colleague in work knew nothing about it and he lives in pasture lane. The longbarn residents association is a good idea that has become a bit power crazy, I am all for residents rallying together to pick up litter and making the area a nicer place to live by developing a community spirit. I am not aware of how many members there are in the Longbarn association but I am sure it is not the whole estate; they keep bringing up issues that in the long run will cost other residents (who are not part of the association) money. For example: Complaining about people parking from the industrial estates and walking through. The council could put in permit parking or double yellow lines in but the question would be where would visitors to the street to see family/friends park? Many of the driveways in that area are already full so on street parking is sometimes an unavoidable problem, (not that it is ever that much of a problem as somebody who played on the streets in questions I never felt unsafe). The permits may be free in the first year but then the council I am sure would put a charge on this as an "administration fee" so residents would then require to pay for a permit so visitors could park outside their home. The longbarn residents association are typical of the "Nimby" culture that I really don’t like. As for the local councillors it must be getting close to election time as the leaflets have started coming through the doors again and their supporters have started walking around, we have not seen anything for 12 months but that is another topic.
  2. As a resident of Longbarn i was also opposed to this plan. The traffic is only an issue between the hours of 7 til 10am then the rest of the time it’s a quiet road Traffic on the east side of Warrington on the other hand is horrendous at times. The main priority for Warrington east would be to sort out getting people from the M6 to Birchwood, not closing off a quiet road I suggest giving Birchwood its own M6 junction and making Birchwood Way a dual carriageway for the whole length and the same with Woolston grange; it would solve some of the problems The lack of investment across Warrington’s road network I firmly believe is holding the town back, and with an ever expanding population the problems will only get worse without serious investment
  3. i quite like that Bill it is the first time i have heard that, i saw them put them up they seemed to go up very quickly, all i know is that one of the guys putting them up had a very nice car, if they did catch fire it would become dangerous very quickly
  4. to be honest i have been very critical of the central midfield however if they play like they did last saturday then i will admit i was wrong. keep it up lads make me eat my words
  5. there is, well i hope so i work there, , Well it is actually a fire test facility so there is fires there all the time.
  6. As this forum is so quiet which is a good sign
  7. I have said this before, our midfield, when Mannix and Dogan play together, might as well not be there. As for team spirit it quickly vanished when things were going against us, everyone blaming each other for their mistakes. Positives is this keeper looks the real deal, even if he didnt have much to do. the most important thing about yesterday was the three points. if you want to be a top team then grinding out results is the most important thing. p.s on a side note Prescot beat New Mills 7-1, does this put our result in perspective?
  8. FT finished 2-0. two clean sheets in a row now. bring on winsford in the cup, need a good run this year
  9. according to the clubs official twitter account.. Town lead 2-0 both goals coming from Ben Wharton, what a good signing he is looking (when he stays onside). i also hope we keep the service to him.
  10. been nothing to shout about It may be early days but from what i have seen this team is no better than the one we have had for the past 4 years
  11. I would not call them lazy i think it is their game, i just think we dont need two people doing that job. will be intresting to see who drops out once Mason is ready to play
  12. Lost 0-2 to be fair could have been more, Darlington looked good simple as that they were better all over the park, but with their budget what do you expect. Worrying sign for us was how slow we looked in midfield and up top. I also am beginning to wonder whether Dogan and Mannix can play together as they seem to do exactly the same job. Early days so bring on Tuesday, (i might have dried out by then)
  13. I have not seen the recent games but having watched all the home games, i think Mannix makes our midfield slow. the best performance i saw was from our midfield was against Stoke our midfield was fantastic, Dogan sitting and West and Brett doing the running, again this might have been one game but it was one of the strongest displays i have seen from our midfield in ages.
  14. Cheers toby, sounds like a cracking game.
  15. How did the reserves get on?
  16. i thought the biggest improvment was in the cente of the midfield. Its the best that area of the pitch has been for 12 months.
  17. Also why is there no mention of this game on the Stoke website even under the 21 and 18 sections. Which stoke side are we playing?
  18. I am looking forward to this game tomorrow it will be interesting to see how we play remember we beat the stoke last season. So could be a good comparison between this year and last. I have not been too impressed so far but it is still very early days this year, Only 3 weeks to go until we play Darlington so you would expect performances to improve starting with tomorrow.
  19. Has the been any movement regarding the darlington game on the opening day. Would it be possible for the fixtures to be swapped?? i.e we could play them at home first up. then play the away game in december?
  20. Today was the first game of the year. so it is important not to be too critical. however today did highlight areas that need improvement. The first was the defending from set peices in think Shaun will have the team taking and defending corners as they were awful today, at both. Another was the touch each player had a heavy touch, however this will come with more game time. The last point was a problem last season and i hope that it is not carried over into this is the central midfield disappears offering no protection to the back four and nothing to the attacking players maybe an area we need to strengthen. To end on a couple of positives, Fylde look excellent and were a very good footballing side the score in some ways flattered town. The positives for Town, the new striker scored his first goal with calm finish following a pass from Gahgan. The right back from the first half was solid it was sad to see him go off with an injury before the end. the next month it is going to be crucial, a good pre season will lead to a good start to the league campaign, and if you have any ambition of winning th league a good start is a must.
  21. i think the cup takes priority over everything else no matter which level you play at.
  22. Very good second half performance. The first half if we are honest will not live long in the memory I have forgotten most of it already . The young lads who came on did very well and did not make the team any worse which is a positive sign. We have a good platform but we have said this before so lets not get carried away. Yes three wins in Yorkshire but we should be beating those sides if we want to push on next season. Come on wire.
  23. Its good to see the youth will be give a chance, particularly now we have no chance of reaching the playoffs. some players looked the part last year like Dylan Glass and the young striker not sure of his name. With no reserves it is difficult for these young lads to break through to the first team as the step up is huge. the question is how many other teams at this level have reserve teams? could it be possible for a Evo-stick North West reserves comp?
  24. I find it strange Phil Davies has been dropped for recent games the young lad has been great at home this year. The team were poor last night but what worries me is the form of our captain. I mean Dogan had been awful for a few weeks now, I personally don't think he is fit and is coasting through games but I may be wrong. I will be watching the last four games with interest to see how they perform if they roll over like they did today then I suggest we play the youth team. to give them some first team experience and to keep the costs down.
  25. Town lost 3-0 and it could have been a lot more, Town showed more passion in arguing with themselves than the did against the opposition, I mean how can you concede 3 goals in pretty much exactly the same manner and seemingly not learning from there mistakes. I mean the first goal the had not one but two free runners and either could have scored it was that badly defended. The second goal came from a cross and guess what yep a free runner heads it in at the back post. And the third goal was very similar ball whipped in the box and in it goes again without a town player in sight. Ramsbottom were by far the better side and at times I think they didn't really need to get out a of second gear to beat us Our centre half was a prat acting a tough guy on a guy half his size for no apparent reason. At times this season our lack of discipline has been apparent to see, I am not sure how many red cards we have had this year but it cannot be far off double figures. How are teams meant to win anything with always having less players on the pitch than the opposition. Anyway things are better this season and o well there is always next year
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