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Jean Simmons IN MEMORIUM


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As a tribute to the late actress, the TCM cable channel presented three of her films tonight that ran the gamut from her 17 year old appearance in GREAT EXPECTATIONS, to mature roles in the 1960s.


An unexpected treat was seeing the 1946 versions of Alec Guinness and John Mills in the Dickens Pip and Pocket.

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knew the name but could not put a face to it so went on IMDB and had a look. i was surprised as i was only watching a film with her in it the other day and did not realise it. cannot remember what it was called though.

was equally surprised at the range of roles she has played over the years. (just realised what it was i was watching it was a Miss Marple episode. she played Carrie Louise with Joan Hickson as Miss Marple. was a much better version than the one with Bette Davis in the role.)

from Shakespeare to star trek. a very versatile lady.

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Wow, you remembered her role name! I just remember Peter Ustinov suggesting that she and Kirk Doulgas should 'share their pleasure'.


And I remember she was too plain for Edmund Purdom in The Egyptian. He sold his parents immortality packages in a vain attempt to learn the art of love from Bella Darvi, the courtesan.


Marlon Brando wooed her from her Salvation Army post, and just last night I saw her consumed by fire in Elmer Gantry.

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I loved Jean Simmons - one of the best actresses of her day and a sight better than some that are called actresses now. The last role I saw her in was as a witch -hunter type in Star Trek - Next Generation. Her life was not easy. Rest in Peace Jean

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