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Omega Jobs or Executive Houses

Geoffrey Settle

Omega Jobs or Executive Houses?  

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  1. 1. Omega Jobs or Executive Houses?

    • Keep the focus on Business and Jobs as it's been for 21 years
    • Build Executive Houses to get things started
    • Lets get a science and media base ready for industries like Nuclear Power and the new Media City
    • Who cares I'm fed up of hearing about it
    • Another suggestion - see my comments below

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Gary raises the topic in his interview today with Steve Broomhead of whether or not Miller should build executive houses on the former air base or should Warrington stave off this suggestion and back business for long term jobs?


Steve has left a great legacy behind him wherever his has worked, let's hope he can turn this around with his positive outlook, experience and expertise.


What do you think should happen?

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offer it to Liverpool Everton for them to build their new stadium.

Must incorporate swimming baths for public use, rail station to/ from Liverpool and Manchester


Could also include rugby league ground ST Helens?with motorway access saving traffic issues in Warrington.

There are already too many empty office buildings in Warrington. Also no need for "executive" houses as there is a huge stock of houses for sale.

Perhaps a tv office could be included to promote Warrington as I am fed up of hearing about Manchester all the time ( and to a lesser extent Liverpool). there are other towns in Cheshire/ Lancashire

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why build executive houses there when they haven't even started the second half of the house building on the old greenings site. they got as far as the footings and then came the crunch and now it is just lying there waiting for things to pick up.

if executive housing is needed why not build it there?

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Interesting term "executive housing" - perhaps they anticipate something the rest of us don't know about? Perhaps the development could include it's own shops and leisure facilities, and be surrounded by a wall, guarded by ex-SAS security personel. Meanwhile, we can take our chances in a world of anarchy. :shock:

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