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Midwives offered "golden hello" scheme


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The government hopes to recruit an extra 4,000 midwives over the next three years, with returning midwives to be offered an incentive package worth up to 3,000 pounds, Health Secretary Alan Johnson said on Monday.


Since 2001, births in Britain have soared 14 percent, outpacing a smaller 4.5 percent rise in midwife numbers.


Provided by the Department of Health and the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) the "golden hello" for midwives who have left the profession includes free training, childcare support and travel costs as well as a grant of up to 1,500 pounds.


"The number of births in England is rising," said Johnson. "To keep pace with this increase and to improve the quality of care, we'll recruit an additional 1,000 midwives on our wards and in our communities by 2009, rising to around 4,000 by 2012.


"Many of these extra midwives will be new to the profession, but there are also former midwives whose expertise could be brought back to the NHS given the right support."

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listened to this on the news and had to chuckle at the way my mind works.


the newsreader made a comment that the government wanted a dedicated midwife to attend every pregnant woman throughout their pregnancy. my first thought was how is she going to cope on her/his own with all these pregnant women. would need a transporter from star trek to get around.


still it gave me a chuckle at the time. but got me some odd looks from the mrs

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I have got two rellies who are ex midwives and they have no intention of going back. One now works in a chemist shop and the other is a typist. another friend is waiting for her papers to be cleared so that she can leave for New Zealand, she says that it is a joke.

Warrington want more midwives, there are trained staff looking for jobs but there is no money to employ them.

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