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WBC bullying allegations?


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Didn't realise that some pople still only live on the forum so just incase... here's my comments that I put on the news page. Wouldn't want Obs to think I'd bypassed him in some way :lol::wink::P


I just this isn't just another case of some sort of a political point scoring. 'Bullying, harassment and intimidation' is a serious matter but it is not the same as 'low staff morale and motivation' although the two can of course be linked.


At times of uncertain changes in any workforce staff morale and motivation can be affected for obvious reasons. However, where there is a case of actual bullying, harassment or intimidation within a work environment it is often very hard for the affected person to have the courage to speak out about it.


The reason being that the third party will, in most circumstances, be questioned about the situation. If this person is an immediate boss/close work colleague/or other decision maker then many may feel that their situation could be made worse.


As already mentioned with jobs being as hard to come by too then many will hold onto what they already have and keep quite even if they are suffering in some way.


At the end of the day though if someone is a victim of bullying, harassment or intimidation they really do need to do something about it. They need to get as much proof as possible AND THEN put their complaint in. If they don't the bully will have won...and will go on to bully others in the same way too. !!

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