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El-Hadji Diouf


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If a fan is convicted of racism they are banned for life.


Should footballers be banned?


El-Hadji Diouf has a pathetic record of spitting in peoples faces , fans and players , then tops it off with a f*** off whiteboy statement.


If anybody did the things he did at work they would be sacked.


Or has the game gone too big because of money?

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El Hadji Diouf's complaint was that the ball boy had thrown the ball as he would have to a dog, not that he'd thrown it at his gonads!! The ball boy's complaint was that the player shouted racial abuse at him. The problem is that footballers seem to think that they are more important than us common people :shock::shock::shock:

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As with most sporting issues these days, reputations go before them.
Exactly. Oh, it's Diouf again, what a sort he is, he must be wrong.


Of course the fact the ball boy was out of order in the first place has been lost in a sea of Scouse outrage. We saw what the ball boy did, we have second hand reports of what Diouf has allegedly said.

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