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A Big Thanks...


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I just wanted to give a BIG thanks too all the kids who live around the Evelyn street area of Sankey Bridges.


My Motorcycle was stolen on saturday night, The children found it hidden in a den on the edge of Sankey Valley river. It had been stripped of frame numbers, and prepped for stripping for parts, but luckily they recognised it, and were brave enough to come forward with the information.


Although it's in a very poor state, im just thankfull to have had it returned to me !!


Thanks kids, and to the parents who have raised them to be honest and brave enough to do what was right.


I owe em all an ice cream :)

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Well done to the kids. It's refreshing to hear :D


There are a lot of really nice kids around but sadly it's usually the grots who seem to get all the 'limelight' these days.


Once again well done kids and you should be very proud of yourselves and hopefully you will be an inspiration to others :D


PS I think an ice cream is mean..... as there was no mention fo a flake, sprinkles or raspberry sauce :wink:

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Guest tonymailman

I have 3 biker websites Tina, all with forums, be read by a much wider audience if you want to join any of them ........ glad you got it back, pity whoever did it doesn't get properly punished !

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