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  1. Hi Dizzy... Apart from 6 months of bar work when i was 18 ive only ever had this job, full time employed not contract. started here at 16 as an apprentice in 1997 and will probably be here when i hit retirement lol I work for a large Japanese company, the name has never changed ( YKK ) though i transferred from YKK UK in 1994 to YKK Europe ( all under the same roof ) Our HR has been very helpfull, and will stand by me if i need to take things further with HMRC. Ive sent a letter of appeal today ( recorded next day delivery ), which i hope to claim back once this mess is sorted !! I
  2. Thanks guys... Sorry for posting in the wrong area !! I have phoned HMRC and asked them to hold the tax change, but refused on the grounds i had to prove i wasn't working for this second company. And from the letter i have just recieved, it seems i still may be on thier books !! yet i have never heard of them !!? P B CONTRACTS LTD I googled the name, and only came up with 2 hits !! Ireland and London =S Niether of wich seem to have phone numbers so i can phone and scream blue murder at them GRRR Why do i have to prove that i wasn't working for this company ?? A company i have n
  3. 1st, sorry about the long post ! Got a concerned phonecall from my HR dept. this morning saying that my tax code had been changed dramatically for my PAYE. I have phoned HMRC who have stated i owe the ?526.6 for that tax year ( '09~'10 ) as my earnings before tax were wrongly calculated and i had earned ?28950 ( after deductions ) that tax year i have never earned such a high wage in my life. So i further enquired how they came to that assumption, as i had my P60 in front of me, which was of a far lower amount ! Thier reply was that the over payment amount is based on another
  4. Motorcycle thieves arent prosecuted even when caught. The gang that stole mine where caught on cctv, and left prints all over the bike and witnesses offered to do ID parades, And the police still couldnt get them !! We have even told them where they live !! And nothing.... They even had the cheek to stand outside my house to discuss how to nick the flaming thing again at 2am in the morning
  5. I was pleasently surprised myself, but ive always let the kids have a sit on the bike when its been [arked outside the house for cleaning, so they all recognised it straight away LOL, thought the basic icecream these days came standard with flake and sherbert etc.. ??
  6. Unfortunately my bike is now in police custody !! They believe they will be able to recover forensic evidence, so will be a while before i can fix him up, back to his former glory.
  7. I just wanted to give a BIG thanks too all the kids who live around the Evelyn street area of Sankey Bridges. My Motorcycle was stolen on saturday night, The children found it hidden in a den on the edge of Sankey Valley river. It had been stripped of frame numbers, and prepped for stripping for parts, but luckily they recognised it, and were brave enough to come forward with the information. Although it's in a very poor state, im just thankfull to have had it returned to me !! Thanks kids, and to the parents who have raised them to be honest and brave enough to do what was right.
  8. I'd have to say the Golf. Mini's and beetles are good cars, but aren't too roomy for boot space ! I'd love to own an old mini again, but thy're just no good for a family shop lol
  9. Becarefull putting them on hold... Some of these ( scams ) comapanies actually charge you for them ringing up ( especially if it is an automated message )!! Im still not sure how it works, but i always hang up straight away !!
  10. NABD Stands for : National Association for Bikers with a Disability They help and support bikers whom suffer from disabilities, and the Macmillan is a must as i and a few ppl i know have had alot of help from them over the last 12 months
  11. If ( when ) my children get the symptoms, i dont think i will be ringing the "flu" line, they'll be straight to the docs !! Im not too bothered about myself, but if there is the slightest chance ( and there is ) of my children being mis-diagnosed, well it's not a risk im prepared to take..
  12. Just an update : We now have live bands through out the day and into the evening, trade stalls, burger van and much more Plz come down and show your support for all Macmillan and NABD's hard work as we hope to raise as much as possible for these 2 charities. Thanks
  13. If you cant hear the bikes when your in your car then we obviously need to make them louder still !! For most bikers, it's a safety option !! And seeing as we have 3 cars in our road that our louder than my bike... What does that make them ?? Ive never heard of a "hippy Biker", and as a car driver of 13 years, yes i agree that a better name for them is cages...
  14. Baz J... I get a feeling you really dont like bikers !! Loud pipes save lives !! A quote you will hear most bikers say ! The reason we make our bikes louder, is because no matter how much "florescent" clothing we wear, cars just dont see us!! At least the noise of a loud exhaust cant be ignored.. And the majority of cagers that attempt to knock bikers off ( intentional or not ) are the middle aged, high end car range (eg, mercs, bmw... etc.. ) We arent all d***heads out for a joy ride !! End of rant
  15. I drove a car for 12 years before taking up biking ( couldnt afford to run a car anymore !! ).. I feel safer on a bike than i do in any "cage" !! And it's proven, bikers make better car drivers as we learn to pay more attention to the road, and the idiots on it, who are too busy lighting up a cig or txt-ing a mate or having a domestic over which wrong turn they made!!
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