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Illegal immigrants hit Town.


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Seems 5 illegal immigrants burst out of the back of an HGV at Unilever recently, but were eventually caught by the Police. :shock: They are believed to come from Iraq and Afghanistan (the fruits of our new Imperial adventures!); but no prizes for their first words in English - "ASSYLUM". :roll: It will now take months, with HR Lawyers being paid via legal aid (paid for by tax-payers), to sort them out. :twisted: It's pathetic; when all that's required, is the next plane home. :twisted:

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I thought the process for seeking asylum was that when you arrived in the country of your choice (originally I think it was the first safe country....but hey ho standards have dropped) you immediately declared yourself to the authorities and asked for asylum. In this case these people did not do that, indeed they hid themselves away, and then tried to flee the scene. Evidence enough I would suggest that they are not legitimate asylum seekers, but rather economic migrants. Such method of entry in to our country should be an absolute offence, with no permissible defence, and they should therefore be immediately deported.

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