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Joey Barton


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No need for Joey's antics today he wasn't missed in the physical department....


The game opened in shameful fashion, with City defender Ball guilty of a cowardly stamp on Ronaldo as the United winger lay on the ground.


Referee Rob Styles was unsighted but Ball is unlikely to have heard the last of the disgraceful foul and United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was understandably raging on the touchline after watching a replay of the incident.

and to think of all the fuss in the world cup when Rooney got sent off for a foul on Ronaldo. I don't think we've heard the last of Ball or Barton.


I wonder what action will be taken against both if they did this on Bridge Street they would both be in the local jail by now facing assault.


[ 05.05.2007, 15:39: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]

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Originally posted by bobshaw235:

am i the only person deluded enough to think City will get a result against an over-rated Man Utd side? :D


Football not your strong point then Bob?

Even as an Everton supporter I have to accept that a team that gets to the European semi Finals, The FA Cup Final and top of the league - are not over-rated. :roll:


However Cheating Ball is certainly over-rated as a kick boxer :x

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Cant realy defend the actions of Ball,but common guys Utd were not 42 points and 14 places better than a poor City side on todays showing,Ive finaly given up on Stuart Pearce (PEARCE OUT )does anyone know the score of the following game. :D


Bristol Academy vs Leeds Utd Ladies

Bristol Academy: Chamberlain, O'Brien, Yorston, Manley, Jones, Green, Cox, Curtis, Bartlett, , Williams, Lorton


Subs: Scanlon, McBattei, Ackerman, Loud, Brain


Leeds Utd Ladies: Barraclough, Bradley, Culvin, Walton, Wright, Preston, Clarke, Smith, Amanda Barr, Ward, Burke


Subs: Grundy, Tomkins, Sutcliffe


Referee: D Williams ()

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Bob. Did they have to be that much better or just do enough to get the win and save their energy for Chelsea.


I just hope that they do Ball using video evidence.

There is NO need for that sort of behaviour.

Mind you Ronaldo got his own back with the penalty and managed to rough Ball up as well in a separate incident.

Ball shouldn't have got his penalty, so it was poetic justice when Van Der Sar stopped it.

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Eagle,remember this headline;


Keane's notorious dark side earns him a red card in the Manchester derby after a horror tackle on Alfie Haaland.


Discuss and defend :D


whoops nearly forgot;


Cantona, whose disciplinary record as a player was poor, including an infamous attack on a Crystal Palace fan,


[ 06.05.2007, 19:29: Message edited by: bobshaw235 ]

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Bob, a disappointing response which suggests you are refusing to condemn your thug but rather trying to deflect the topic towards events from the past involving players from you know who.

I was disapponted with Keane's actions but not surprised, I was also of the opinion that Cantona should have been removed from the English game. Barton has moved the subject to a new level by attacking a team mate. He should be in prison.

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I did say earlier i could not defend Ball,or Barton or Thatcher,i was just making the point all the other premiership sides including Man U have a thug element(its just that we have more than anyone else)Thatcher sold,Barton to be sold but i bet there are a few managers after him,how ironic if Keano buys him, cant understand why Ball did that to Ronaldo he dosent seem like that kind of player normaly.But Ronaldo does take the P*** out of defenders and in Balls only defence he couldnt take it.Im sure he will miss the start of next season with a 3 game ban if that makes everybody feel better.Just to finish Well Done you Reds,its only a game.

Hot News!!! Man City have made an offer for Adrian Morley :D

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