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you could always shut your eyes then you wouldn't see it :lol:


but agree that it does happen quite a lot.


went to father in laws on sunday and was tootling along the dual carriageway heading toward the motorway at daresbury. was doing about 40 mph +/- 1 mph (digital speedo has a bit of a lag for some reason) when i got to the part where it opens into two lanes i pulled into the inside lane and was passed by five cars in rapid succession. (thought i had stalled they went past so fast)


similar thing on the way back. the light warning motorists to slow down was flashing on and off at every car that passed it. i was only doing thirty as i had to stop and let a car pull into that garden centre just past the lights.


again similar on chester road despite showing 35 on my speedo several cars passed me and disappeared into the distance.


as for bus lanes some are only bus lanes at certain times and taxis are allowed to use them.

no excuse for mobile phones as bluetooth head sets are cheap enough these days so no need to have phone in hand.

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I am getting bit fed up seeing drivers going up and down Bus Lanes- using mobile phones an speeding in town - fed up with it all


but what about the bus lane outside the peace ranch? The buses never ever use it because it puts them in the wrong lane at the lights?

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