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Sex and drink - highlighting the links


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I see from the front page that a load of students at Padgate Tech have spent a year (OK I know they'll have done other things as well!) discovering that girls are more likely to drop their nickers when pXXXXd than when sober; sorry to put it so crudely but that's the reality.


What the article doesn't say is what type of behaviour they will be advocating.


Do you reckon it will be to:

a/ limit your alcohol consumption to 3 drinks per evening; or

b/ refrain from sexual activity until you're married; or

c/ always carry a supply of free condoms, morning after-pills & the phone numbers for the local clap clinic & walk in abortion centre


And anyone who believes it is A or B can sign my expenses off any time!

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Sadly I recon it's 'C'.


Message seems to say .....Get bladdered but make sure you are careful and suitably protected to ensure you don't get pregnant or catch an STD. :?


Sense goes straight out of the window the moment excessive alcohol is introduced :roll::wink: (unless of course you are my age and over indulgance sends you to sleep :lol: )

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Isn't it a bit sad that people today, and I don't just mean the young - it's across all ages, don't regard sex as anything particularly special? It's treated as something you do after a night out, like having a kebab or throwing up in someone's front garden.


I'm not narrow minded, far from it, but I can't come to terms with the "dumbing down" of Nature's definitive way of showing love, respect and commitment. There have always been times and personalities that gave free rein to promiscuity but the scale of it now is frightening.


It's frightening because it can, and does, lead to terrible consequences, particularly for the young. We have a horrendously high teenage birth figure, in this country, and more and more children are giving birth to children. What chance do these babies have of not becoming the next set of unfortunate statistics? There is also the high incidence of STIs and the health related consequences.


It's also sad, in my view, that when a couple decide to spend the rest of their lives together they are likely to have a whole load of "baggage". There's nothing unique left that just they two can share because both of them have had numerous brief encounters. It makes the whole thing so cheap.

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I don't know about you lot...but I like sex...


why should it be something that is to be frowned upon, made into something special to do with life partners only. on birthdays...and 'special occasions'


its something we have been doing as a species since life started on the planet...the reason its so good is beacuse humanity depends on it.. actualy restricting our use of it is counterproductive to the continuance of mankind.


whats it got to do with respect ??? for oneself or others... I already at 40 regret some oppertunities I missed for a sexual experiance with another, I respect myself very much and have fond memories for my previous partners..at no time during any of these events did I feel degraded, lessened..I felt close,bonding,desired and desire how much more could you feel for another human being...its probably the single most extreem form of respect we could show to another.


and if at anytime you have felt degraded after consentual sex...then I pity you.


too many people churn out this hogwash of sex as a bad thing, "just say no"..."wait till you find the right one"....I say no...take all the love humanity has to offer this may well be your only life...and the purpose of life is to continue living.

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Passed through the Town Centre (again! :wink: ) the other night; there was a girl in the middle of the road (Bridge St) dressed as a traffic warden - in bra, thong and suspenders, p**d as a newt, talking on her moby - if she did conceive, she probably won't remember a thing about it :roll::wink:

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When a civilization no longer has to work hard to just survive then they have a tendency to look to other places for fulfillment.


As each generation achieves; they want their children to have better. We have gotten to the point that ( in my opinion ) Rome was right before the fall.


Civilization goes rotten from the inside out - not vice versa.


I am not stating that people are bad I am stating that these are the facts of life if you read your history, in my opinion.

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I don't know about you lot...but I like sex...



Well so do I, Legion. But the topic was not about how enjoyable it is but about the problems that can occurr when it happens as a result of drink, rather than in a long term commited relationship (dare I use the word "marriage"?):

1/ you say consentual & memorable - hardly the case after 10 slammers & a few bottles of alcopop

2/ the problems of young single mothers with multi-fathered offspring are so numerous that I can't believe you are not aware of them

3/ the increase in sexually transmitted deseases would appear to be completely the result of multiple relationships

4/ & as for respect - I remember about 10 years ago at a works do, one young lad (not me!) fancied an attractive young girl & they ended up sleeping together. He was so pleased next day that he had done so & was convinced that she was to be his girlfriend. The smile & dreams were sadly shattered when someone informed him (for his own good) that he was the third one she had had sex with that night!

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