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  1. What I cannot grasp is how people who would view with absolute horror a 2 week old child being deliberately killed, are perfectly ok if the same happened 4 weeks previously. Can someone please explain?
  2. As expected, those in favour of allowing abortion seem incapable of discussing the actual abortion & talk about "right to choose", "what if the situation is .....", & of course suggesting that anyone against abortion must be so becuase they have an inability to think for themselves. So, come on you pro-choicers - The stage we are talking about is the one which involves dismembering an unborn baby. Do you believe that this should be for a mother to choose if she wants?
  3. The stage we are talking about is the one which involves dismembering an unborn baby. Do you believe that this should be for a mother to choose if she wants? To quote from Americanpregancy.org - "The fetus is rotated and forceps are used to grasp and pull the legs, shoulders and arms through the birth canal. A small incision is made at the base of the skull to allow a suction catheter inside. The catheter removes the cerebral material until the skull collapses. Then the fetus is completely removed."
  4. So you are saying that abortion does not involve the dismembering of an unborn baby? Errrr ...... so what does the procedure consist of?
  5. How very catholic of you Bonzo Complety disagree with that statment. Which part of the statement do you disagree with? Are you saying that unborn babies are not dismembered or that women do not want it?
  6. Check out http://www.warrington-pct.nhs.uk/ I find it interesting. There's a couple of jobs you might want to go for: #1 is community sexual health service manager - pays ?38 to ?45 grand #4 is a health trainer - pays ?15 to ?18 grand to tackle inequalities in health On the other hand they can have the solutions for free: 1/ girls keep your legs closed & boys keep it in your pants - wait until you're married 2/ gypos get yourselves proper housing, pack in the fags & cut down on the booze
  7. Could start by ending services for people who are not actually ill eg alcohol reduction campains, anti-smoking campains, women who want to dismember their unborn babies, illegal drug programs, letting druggies & drunks take up beds & the time of doctors & nurses simply becuase they are drunk or drugged up Of course it won't happen because too many "interest groups" have a vested interest in the continuation of such provision. Also the socialist groups need to continually extend the services provided in order that they can shout "stop the cuts!" I worked in a Warrington hospital 25 years ago & the truth now is the same as then - the demand for health provision is unlimited - but that depends on what you define as health provision
  8. Across the road from our previous house were 5 households, 4 of which were occupied by single women (all divorced, I think) with children. 3 of these women chaged their boyfriends fairly regularly. Now I'm not saying they shouldn't have a life but I always wondered what it said to the children about relationships when the boyfriends "stayed over" frequently, then the relationship finished & the next boyfriend began to "stay over" frequently, then the relationship finished & the ....... ad infinitum
  9. Well so do I, Legion. But the topic was not about how enjoyable it is but about the problems that can occurr when it happens as a result of drink, rather than in a long term commited relationship (dare I use the word "marriage"?): 1/ you say consentual & memorable - hardly the case after 10 slammers & a few bottles of alcopop 2/ the problems of young single mothers with multi-fathered offspring are so numerous that I can't believe you are not aware of them 3/ the increase in sexually transmitted deseases would appear to be completely the result of multiple relationships 4/ & as for respect - I remember about 10 years ago at a works do, one young lad (not me!) fancied an attractive young girl & they ended up sleeping together. He was so pleased next day that he had done so & was convinced that she was to be his girlfriend. The smile & dreams were sadly shattered when someone informed him (for his own good) that he was the third one she had had sex with that night!
  10. I see from the front page that a load of students at Padgate Tech have spent a year (OK I know they'll have done other things as well!) discovering that girls are more likely to drop their nickers when pXXXXd than when sober; sorry to put it so crudely but that's the reality. What the article doesn't say is what type of behaviour they will be advocating. Do you reckon it will be to: a/ limit your alcohol consumption to 3 drinks per evening; or b/ refrain from sexual activity until you're married; or c/ always carry a supply of free condoms, morning after-pills & the phone numbers for the local clap clinic & walk in abortion centre And anyone who believes it is A or B can sign my expenses off any time!
  11. My views on the greed & abuse surrounding the MP's expenses is pretty much that of everyone else's; but does anyone not think that the BBC giving ?92,000 OF LICENCE PAYER'S MONEY to a newsreader is a bit rich?
  12. Many of the items I've read about being claimed for can't possible be wholely for business purposes so surely the tax man must be able to get at them? If it was good enough for Capone ......
  13. The general presumption in this country (& most others in the West) is that those who earn more should pay more in tax. I've never been able to understand that arguement, unless it is jelousy or that "if someone else pays more then I pay less" Perhaps someone who is in favour of so called progressive taxation can explain, why they are?
  14. Hi Gary, firstly congrats on your forthcoming wedding. Secondly (& I'm genuinely curious, not having a pop) if you are not religious, why do you want the services of a priest?
  15. It seems to me that people & the media are jumping on the activity of "binge" drinking (whatever that is suposed to be?) rather than the anti-social activities of a few mindless morons out to cause trouble. As one of my mates frequently says, there were about 8 of us, every Friday & Saturday night supping between 10 & 20 pints each; we never once got into a fight, or got spoken to by the police or vandalised anything. In my experience the people who cause bother after they've had a few are the same ones who cause bother before they've had a few; there are simply less curtailments on their behaviour in the city centres at night. What has happened over the past 20 years is that we have town & city centres increacingly devoted to late night drinking so all the trouble makers come together. The days of "local" being the centre of 16 to 30 year old's evening activity, with the occassional trip to the town / city centre has gone. You want to reclaim the centres at night - you arrest those causing bother & put them in jail for 10 years, simple! Otherwise don't bother & give up trying!
  16. There's a very simple solution to those people who cause alcohol induced crime (& it's the same solution to most other types of crime) - arrest them, convict them, put them in jail for a very long time.
  17. I thought the footballers get paid so much because lots of other people CHOOSE to give SKY ?40 (or so) every month; SKY then CHOOSE to give the Premier League lots of this money; the Premier League then CHOOSE to give this to the clubs; who then CHOOSE to give it to the players. Or are you both advocating a return to the maximum wage; & if so should this be applied to all occupations or just footballers?
  18. I suspect that Omalurch's views are very likely representative of the nationalist / catholic population of N Ireland, unfortunately. He says he wants peace (which I don't doubt!) but also wants a united Ireland & if it takes a "war" to achieve this then whilst he is not totally comfortable with this, he "would be in full support of these groups" carrying out the war. I guess it's down to when a tribal conflict kicks off, the people revert to tribalism; initially for security but when it escalates, then out of sympathy with the more extreme members of the group. For example Omarlurch calls for a united Ireland but also condemns mcguinness and adams as traitors instead of supporting them as helping the peace process. The entire nationalist / catholic population of N Ireland need to decide what is more important, peace or unity; to me they're clearly unsure.
  19. Do you think so, Baz? I don't. I think the vast majority have been so brainwashed by the constant media promotion that says that this (& other lifestyle choices) are all equally valid, that they accept it as so. As evidence I submit the fact that so few parents kept their kids at home. BTW, like you, I would do so too.
  20. Hi Dismayed; as someone who sold these policies in the late '80s, I'm genuinely sorry that your policy is losing money by the minute. What was it about the sale of the policy that makes you feel you were mis-sold it?
  21. Of course it is to do with the debate. Tilly started off by saying that we should know what our taxes are being used for!
  22. You see Tilly, it's like how until a couple of years ago, any comment on immigration other than saying we should have open borders was condemned as evil racism. So now any coment on the NHS other than saying it's underfunded is equally condemned. Suggesting that folk might care to make provision for themselves brings accusations that you want to kill off people. It would be funny until you realise these people are allowed to vote
  23. Come on Tilly, you surely can't expect to post on here suggesting that all is not completely rosy with the funding of the NHS (unless to say it is underfunded or "stop the cuts") & not get slagged off. Next you'll be trying to say that nurses earn more than the minimum wage!
  24. I worked for a local estate agency in the late 80's as a mortgage advisor & yes, the income was generated from the sale of endowment policies but there's a couple of things you need to bear in mind: 1/ at this time they did appear to be the most cost effective way of paying the mortgage; I took one in 1988 & a second one when I moved two years later. Most of my collegues did the same 2/ the customers were explained the differences between a repayment & endowment mortgage AND that the endowment was not guaranteed but 99% said they wanted an endowment BEFORE they were given the info. This translated into 99% after the info, also.
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