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Seeing yesterday's London Marathon men's elite race won in a course record time of 2 hrs 5 mins and 10 secs after such an uneven run (first half inside 1 hr 2 mins) I am thinking that we may yet see a 2 hour marathon although I personally would prefer to see it done on an 'out and back' course rather than point to point. Wasn't there a film in the 60s or 70s based on a ficticious

attempt at a 2 hour marathon ?? Having averaged 10 m.p.h for a marathon many moons ago I find it incredible that yesterday's first three were averaging over 13 m.p.h for over two hours - think about it - a 4 minute mile is 15 m.p.h :roll:

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Thanks for your sensible response Peter T - I guess the pacemakers were on instructions to go for a world best time, given that conditions were perfect and second half run at same pace as first half would have brought the winner home in 2 hrs 3 mins. Things have come a long way since Jim Peters set a world best of 2 hrs 20 in the 1950s and women's marathon progress even more remarkable with Paula Radcliffe down to 2hrs 15. No one spot my error in suggesting the leading men averaged 13 m.p.h ?? sorry, that would have given a winning time of 2hrs 1 minute - actual average speed of winner was 12.57 m.p.h - 4mins 46 average per mile (marathon is 26 miles 385 yards).

The film I mentioned was The Games and based upon 4 marathon runners coming together in the Rome Olympics - starred Michael Crawford (who trained hard for the part and got down to 4mins 30 for a mile) plus Charles Aznavour and Stanley Baker (portraying a wheel chair bound coach) . I think the young Aborigine came through to win - having been 'discovered' winning a beach race in Oz.

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