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Who was the last quality signing ?


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Again and against my better judgement I attended the Castelford game yesterday. Watching these incompetent fools got me thinking who was our last really quality signing ? For the life of me I just couldn't think of a solitary signing in the last 5 or 6 seasons which would further advance the cause of the club. We've signed some real duffers in this time the latest of whom are King and hooker Monaghan. I'm not counting the gimmick signing of Andrew Johns so the only one I could come up with was Alfie Langer who was at the geriatric stage of his career. King is no better than an average British journeyman and hooker Monaghan isn't even of that quality. He was completely anonymous yesterday and he really should go home, he's doing neither himself nor anybody else any favours by remaining here. It must only now be dawning on Tony Smith just what a crock he has taken on at this club and if he could turn back the clock a few weeks my money is on him not taking up the reins of such a hopeless nag.

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Chris Hicks was certainly a quality signing and now looks to have recaptured the form he showed last season - but once again Lee Briers has shown that when he clicks, Warrington click - he was simply outstanding last night.

I really do hope this outstanding performance will kick start the Wolves' season.

I realise Bradford have their own problems and are no longer the force they were - but to go to Odsal to stuff 58 points down their throats was still something very special.

If Warrington can now back this up with a victory over Huddersfield at the weekend they can hopefully make Safeway eat humble pie as we go on a merry march to Wembley and start climbing the table into the top eight for play-off glory at Old Trafford - I really can't believe I am getting carried away by last night's performance - but it was totally unexpected and Warrington did show that when the chips are down they can rally to the cause. :D

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