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Golf joke

harry hayes

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Man travels to the golf club on the bus. Golf balls are in his trouser pocket.

The usual blonde lady sits by him and he notices that she keeps glancing down at the bulges in his trousers.

"Golf balls" he says to her.


After a few seconds silence, the blonde lady says "Excuse me. Golf balls? Is that anything like tennis elbow?


Happy days

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I had a lady in the car one time that found a golf tee in the glove compartment and asked what it was for?


I told her it was for putting you balls on when you?re driving off!


Blimey, Alfa really do think of everything!


All right it?s an old one but just sort of fit?s with the golfing jokes.


Bill :)

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Overheard someone at the golf club describing a rather unique golf ball.



Looks like a normal golf ball but this one was developed by Nassa engineers.


It auto compensates for crosswinds and has anti-collision radar to avoid obstacles.


If it gets too dark, a high intensity strobe beacon is automatically activated..


If you end up in long grass, a telescopic red flag pops out and waves at you.


If you go in the water, it floats and a tiny propeller then guides it to the water?s edge.


Best of all it has a inbuilt inertial navigation system and full satellite tracking.



Amazing the other bloke says. Bet that must have cost a small fortune.


Dunno says the first man. I just found it yesterday.


Bill :)

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