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Future for Rugby League


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The franchise system will be the beginning of the end for Div 1. The authorities are not interested in anything but Super League.

The end of promotion and relegation in the short term will create an era of stability but longer term will lose support as the same teams languish at the bottom.


Ten years of Super League and many attempts at setting up teams from Wales, London, Scotland, France and the North East etc has in most cases failed. Teams along the M62 corrider have won everything, while sides from Rugby heartlands like Featherstone, Swinton, Widnes etc have almost died. One of the aims of Super League was to create a stronger and more powerful British side that would compete with Australia ........what a failure.


In ten years from now it will be no further forward. Maurice Lindsay in my view was a disaster for Rugby League, and yet there are calls for him to be rewarded in the New years honours list :(


League will plod along, the emphasis on the plod. There may even be a few surprises like Wolves winning the title, :wink: or a team from France with all French players :o but it will continue to be a minority sport with a minority following and no change for the foreseeable future.

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The problem is Rugby League sold their soul to Sky T.V. if they still had premiership Rugby League on the BBC (excepting the cup)i feel it would undoubtedly generate more support through the turnstiles and companies would want to invest in sponsorship with advertisments around the ground and more money for names on shirts,also Kids would be able to watch their hero's on a Saturday afternoon,bring back floodlit Rugby League on BBC2 on a Tuesday night,not all so called progress is good.

Cricket solely on Sky will also suffer in the long term.

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Because football is in a stronger position to call the tune as it is a global game which everyone wants to screen.

League and cricket by comparison are considered minority sports and can't command the same negotiating rights.

When the league "sold their soul" to Sky it was a lifeline which kept many clubs going.

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Maurice Lindsay in my view was a disaster for Rugby League

Agree entirely. Any clown who thought that it was possible to amalgamate Warrington and Widnes into one Cheshire club obviously knew nothing about Rugby League and its supporters.

He also never forgave Widnes for becoming World Champions and stated his disgust at the time.

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