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Male teachers required for Primary Schools!


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I understand that males are reluctant to become primary school teachers, due to the possibility of allegations of impropriety being made against them, and the onus on them to prove otherwise given their assumed guilt....which of course flies in the face of innocent until proved guilty. Observer makes a valid point about lack of male role models...suitable male role models.

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It does seem strange that we live in a world where if you are male and want to be a primary school teacher society considers you as a sex offender.


This means that those children who don't have a male role model at home won't have one at school because society has frightened potential teachers away.


Back in the day there were many good and influential male primary school teachers. Since then many more checks have been introduced on all teachers, the financial rewards have improved, it is a very challenging career and yet few men take up the challenge.


I believe that it is starting to change, society is beginning to see the benefits of male primary teachers. In addition staff released from other forms of employment are looking to a career in teaching. Hopefully things will change for the better.

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Never actually noticed the lack of male primary school teachers until now even though all my sons primary teachers were actually female now I think about it.


Once they get up to senior school age the balance of male to female teachers seems to be pretty equal though.


Maybe it's just that male teacher 'trainees' simply do not want to teach primary school kids. Perhaps newly qualified young female teachers have more maternal instincts and prefer to work with younger more dependant kiddies whereas males just don't have the patience :wink: or they simply aim for the better paid long term jobs at senior school level.


I think there should be more male teachers at both levels as at least it would cut down on the number of temporary supply teachers who 'sit' in on classes for months on end covering masses of maternity leave :shock::roll:

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No, quite the opposite Geoff; role models are extremely important - they are called Mum AND Dad, they live at home together with their kids (assuming they can get a house!); they planned their family on the basis of a strong and sustainable relationship, rather than a one night stand and all the kids have the same genes as Mum and Dad! :shock::wink:

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So perhaps the State should encourage folk to stay together and support "the family"; rather than encouraging single motherhood?! :shock::wink:


Blimey.... such a radical idea; but do you know, you may have something there. If only the leechers in power could think that way instead of rewarding underage sex and motherhood eh|??

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