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Legal definition?


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I'd be interested to discover the legal definition of "racism" - given Prince Harry's latest gaff, seized on by the PC Brigade? :? "Paki" presumably short for Pakistani: Pakistan is a Nation NOT a race; thus most of us are not offended by "Brit" = British, "Kiwi" = New Zealander, "ozzy" =Australian etc etc. :roll: "Raghead" now to what precise "race" does that term refer, one's wife when she's just drying her hair? :roll: Isn't it time we started ignoring these "offence merchants" just waiting for each and every opportunity to be offended?! :twisted: Absolutely pathetic. :evil::wink:

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The daft bit is that he apparently said it three years ago. So why bring it up now :roll: If it was casught on film then edit it or don't show it... like Obs said 'Paki' is short for Pakistan'i'.


Tory David Cameron said it was, "completely unacceptable"


Lib Dim Nick Clegg said the comment had caused "considerable offence".


Cabinet minister John Denham said: "This sort of language can be seen as offensive, is offensive, is gradually going out of use in our society, and he's apologised for it."


The Equality and Human Rights Commission said: "These appear to be disturbing allegations and we will be asking the MoD to see the evidence, share that evidence with us and their plans for dealing with it. "


Yes it's probably not a PC thing to say but it was THREE YEARS AGO CHAPS (by 'chaps' I refer to politicians and other busy bodies) and it didn't seem to cause a problem then... !!!! It's a bit late to share evidence and look into it now :roll:


PS Shouldn't David C and Nick C be spending their time trying to figure out how to help get the county back on it's feet :shock:

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